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uBinary was launched in 2011 by some very experienced trading veterans in the UK. The company first offered basic day trading options at a no-commission structure which is still very competitive. Today, however, uBinary has expanded its range of binary products and now offers more assets and more types of options, including one touch and custom type options. Minimum deposit is $250; minimum trade size is $20; payout on short term expiry options is 85% to 90%, and higher on touch type options. uBinary offers a 10% refund on out-of-the-money options and a generous deposit bonus starting at 30%. uBinary offers great trading education to its clients with an excellent Free Trading Guide and and Free Coaching Sessions. Overall, uBinary has caught up fast with longer established brokers and has even matched or exceeded their service and products; remember that it was founded by trading professionals who have many decades of experience in the field, and having worked for its competitors, they know how to make things better in their own company now.

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Trading Platform

uBinary's trading platform is very cost effective, with zero direct commission structure, very user friendly, and generally designed for the needs of the busy, fast moving trader. It even has a feature that allows you to flip your trade (close your existing trade and open a new one in the opposite direction) at the click of a button, which is quite necessary in day trading. They have introduced new types of options with longer expiry times, one-touch options and Option Builder which is a trading tool that allows you to set very specific trade parameters. It offers over 65 assets and the aforementioned option products on them. The list is still rather small, but it is growing.

Safety of Funds & Reliability

uBinary operates under UK law as well as EU law surrounding many issues regarding the financial operations of the company itself, as well as its clients. They do accept US clients, and all clients' funds are considered to be safe, even in the unlikely event of company insolvency.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals can be made in a number of ways, including credit cards, bank wire transfer, and cashU. Accounts can be opened in US dollars only. There are generous promotions and bonuses from time to time, and always at least 30% bonus on deposits which can be as much as $2000.


uBinary offers some unique features, which include highly accurate trading signals, ideal for new traders. The Flip feature, which allows you to reverse market direction very fast. The Option Builder, which allows you to hedge trades perfectly and more. They also offer very accurate trading charts that will perfectly meet your needs.

Our Verdict

uBinary has made a nice, smooth debut in the industry, first by its competitive zero direct commission structure, and later by expanding its range of binary products and introducing free trading signals and educational resources. On the downside they have a minimum trade size of $20 and offer no demo account, which may put off some beginner traders, but you have to realize that you can still use their flexible binary products, such as the Option Builder feature, even with a minimum deposit and trading $20 at a time. New traders should avoid day trading, and focus on longer time frames instead. You can perfectly risk $20 at a time, either on your own calculated trades, or on longer term signals they will provide you with, which are very accurate. Once you do that, even as a first time trader, uBinary will serve your needs just fine.

For more experienced traders, uBinary offers competitive trading costs and payouts, plus all the tools you will ever need to limit losses early on bad trades, hedge uncertain trades, and also reverse one way trades in the fast day trading markets at a click of a button. That is quite unique! Remember day trading is often a pure game of binary speculation. If the market refuses to go up like you thought, then it will go down and vice versa; reversing your trades as fast as your thoughts is extremely critical.

uBinary is run by extremely experienced professionals who know how to defeat their competition, how to produce winning trading signals for their clients, and how to offer ultra competitive and ultra flexible trading tools. When you look at uBinary you are essentially looking at the entire summation of the history of binary option instruments. The good news is that all this competition is in the client's best interest, and by choosing such a competitive broker you will be served exceptionally well as a trader.

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    Website: www.ubinary.com

    Headquarters: UK

    Year Founded: 2011

    Accepts US traders: YES

    Platform: Proprietary

    Minimum Deposit: $250

    Minimum Trade: $20

    Maximum Trade: $5.000

    Deposit Bonus: up to 30%

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