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Redwood Options was established in 2012. It has a $200 minimum deposit requirement and a minimum trade size of just $5. This broker offers all the latest binary trading instruments and offers trading on over sixty assets. The truth is that there's nothing special about the instruments or the assets offered by Redwood Options. This broker, however, offers a very helpful Trading Academy Program with free webinars and a free trading guide which really does educate new traders and actually teaches them in a responsible way how to manage their accounts and make better trading decisions. And this is a rather unique feature. They also support many languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Japanese, Dutch and Swedish.

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Trading Platform uses the SpotOption classic but reliable trading platform used by several other good brokers in the industry. It's simple but also easy and pleasant to use. It offers, among other things, the now popular and in demand Option Builder feature, and One Touch type options. It offers over sixty assets to trade from. Above all, one will find that they can attend the free webinars offered by this broker, and the "simple" platform can be used in the most complex ways imaginable. As every trader knows, the more you explore and the more you learn, new trading ideas come to mind every day. Some trading ideas are particularly complex, such as hedging techniques, for example. The trading academy together with the simple but reliable trading platform is the perfect combination for a new trader to implement, test and evaluate real money making concepts.

Safety of Clients' Funds & Reliability has a good global reputation and is in the process of becoming even more competitive. It complies with basic regulation regarding online trading and does business with clients from many countries. It's a relatively new, but well oriented binary options broker. We can safely expect that this broker will be delivering even more diverse services and even more educational services in the future since it really wants to cut into market competition. This is a company that has only been around since 2012, but it's here to stay and is safe from every perspective. As a broker, it is in the process of acquiring licenses in more countries and become more recognized and more regulated. But above, all they want to maintain and then expand their client base. And that's why the company wants to have educated clients on board throughout its certification and expansion program.

Deposits & Withdrawals

All payment transactions can be carried out using major credit cards or bank wire transfers. The process is okay; withdrawals, however, can take up to several days, but are processed reliably nevertheless.


The Trading Academy Program offered by Redwood Options is special and is worth thousands of dollars. It does cost thousands to gain prestigious market education at a professional seminar series or any trading academy, and here this broker offers it for free!

Our Verdict

Redwood Options was established by professionals who sought to exploit the mistakes made by other brokerage firms in the binary options market in recent years. They are not in the industry to make a quick buck! They are here to stay, and they intend to become so much more competitive that they will definitely win a huge portion of the market in the coming years. It's rare to find a new binary options broker that really is on the right track and looks at long term profitability, stable margins, and satisfied clients. is just that, and they offer a great Trading Academy Program, which can save new traders thousands of dollars in education, and even more thousands in unnecessary losses.

How many binary option brokers take the time and the real genuine effort to educate their clients to such a level? Very few do. But as the market becomes more and more competitive, more brokers will follow this business model, and will attempt to mimic the Trading Academy Program.

This broker is a very good choice for beginners, and in fact, there's nothing really negative about it as a company. Everything is simple, honest and transparent. Everything is aimed at building a profitable client base which will be profitable both for the company, which profits on the payout differentials, and for the clients themselves. This will take other brokers, refusing to educate clients, by surprise in coming years.

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Redwood Options


    Headquarters: Gibraltar

    Year founded: 2012

    Regulated: NO

    Accepts US traders: NO

    Platform: SpotOption

    Minimum Deposit: $200

    Minimum Trade: $5

    Maximum Trade: $5.000

    Deposit Bonus: up to 100%

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