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OptionWeb was established in 2012 and it is fully licensed and regulated by the CySEC in Cyprus. Minimum deposit is $200 and minimum trade size just $5! It offers a small deposit bonus of 20% but also 10% refund on losing trades. Payout is 85% on short term trades, and easily 500% on long term trades such one touch type options, which can be dated as far out as one year! This is quite useful to swing traders and longer term investors seeking to use binary options as a way to hedge their trades. OptionWeb is characterized by extremely low cost trading, which makes it ideal for high frequency trading strategies where commission costs may be an issue.

Trading Platform

Their trading platform offers 180 assets, it currently supports only 3 languages, but also comes with an excellent customer support that will help you out via email, Skype, live chat or phone and is exceptionally efficient in helping new clients find their way around. The trading platform is very versatile offering a wide range of binary instruments, it is really beyond our expectations that a binary broker that was established so recently, has come up with so affordable, competitive and innovative binary products. The Option Builder feature for example allows you to implement extremely demanding trades specifically tailored to your needs.

Safety of Clients' Funds & Regulation

Option Web meets all necessary regulation requirements and is licensed and regulated in the EU as well as in Cyprus by the CySEC. It also operates under the MiFID directive regarding financial institutions and financial service providers. Clients' funds are guaranteed in case of company insolvency. Moreover Option Web is a non 'bucket shop' type of broker, meaning that it really wants their clients to win, and it is in their best interests when their clients keep winning and keep trading with them. There's no conflict of interest and no small prints to mislead clients, everything is in place to really encourage profitable traders to join them and trade through them.

Deposits & Withdrawals

OptionWeb accepts bank wire transfers, credit cards, Moneybookers, Paysafe etc. There's a small 20% deposit bonus with straightforward terms, plus promotions that refund 100% of the first losing trades of new clients, which is essentially a much larger deposit bonus. Accounts can be opened in either US dollars or Euros.


OptionWeb offers low cost trading, special promotions which include refunding losing trades 100% until the new trader has their first winning trade, and a new to be introduced high yielding binary instrument, with extremely high payout. They also have an Option Builder feature which allows traders to make their own custom - adjusted binary instruments, by setting their own risk reward ratio and overall margins. On top of all this, they also offer extensive range of webinars and training material for beginner traders.

Our Verdict

OptionWeb is extremely cost effective for traders who engage in high frequency trading such as scalping techniques, where commission costs matter. But it also offers so much more that it has an answer for all kinds of traders. Minimum trade size is just $5; this is a big incentive to beginners as it offers them the chance to do extensive trading with the original $200 deposit. On the downside they don't offer a demo account, but with $5 minimum trade size and so many promotions, it really is very affordable to trade with real money right away. To think that one can test out such a great range of binary options, by committing just $200 and risking just $5 at a time, is simply amazing! You can test it all, short term trades with 85% payout, and longer term trades with 500% payout,  and soon they will have even bigger opportunities,  imagine only committing $200 to all this.

Whether one will be successful or not, it all depends on their trading skills. In the financial markets even the least skillful trader can pick a market that can offer once in a while a sure fire trade,  and this is how anyone can risk $200 over a series of binary option trades, yielding anything from 85% to 500% each. If you do this and keep a trading journal where you record your trading mistakes, the learning curve, and your winning trades relative to how markets moves, you will end up learning much more. Eventually you could survive the test and still be left with the original $200, even if you fail to win anything more. Some people argue that there's no such thing as a 'sure fire' trade but that's not true, even if stocks and currencies scare you, there are commodities such as crude oil or gold that do establish solid long term trends.

OptionWeb offers binary options with expiry times up to twelve months! That is unheard of for a broker aimed at beginners. Twelve months give you so much flexibility that you can risk part of a test $200 budget on a series of smart binary trades, looking to make 500% or even 1000% depending on the situation, on every single trade! Even at 500% payout one stands to multiply their trade capital 6 fold, they can afford to lose 5 trades for every one they will win! We mentioned commodities such as gold and crude oil because they are among the easiest for beginners to trade, they still require some in depth analysis but at the end of the day these commodities really do offer sure fire trades from time to time, as long as one is patient enough the opportunity is there.

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Visit Official Website

    Headquarters: Cyprus

    Year Founded: 2012

    Regulated: by CySEC

    Accepts US traders: NO

    Platform: Spot Options

    Minimum Deposit: $200

    Minimum Trade: $5

    Maximum Trade: $2.500

    Deposit Bonus: up to 20%