OptionRally Review


OptionRally was established in 2011. It has a $200 minimum deposit requirement, $25 minimum trade size requirement, and it offers payouts in the range 78% to 500%. It offers up to 30% deposit bonus on new accounts, and a 10% refund on losing trades as well. It is characterized by simplicity, no fees or commissions, which makes it ideal for high frequency trading, and it has the now popular Option Builder feature. Last but not least, this broker offers a great range of insightful market reviews, which can help traders make better informed trade decisions of their own. This broker is not particularly after beginner traders, but rather after professional investors and day traders, and even these people use the market reports and analysis the broker provides! Market data are provided by NASDAQ and Thomson Reuters, and are extremely fast and accurate. Remember, in the fast moving world of day trading, the slightest delay or misrepresentation of market data can mess up the whole trade, and it can mean the difference between profit or total loss. And this is something beginners fail to understand. So instead of focusing exclusively on beginners, and fancy offers, OptionRally focuses on reliability, speed, and big market liquidity, because that's what professional traders want.


Trading Platform

The trading platform is simple and easy to use. It has all the competitive features one can ask for, including the now popular Option Builder trading tool. Remember the Option Builder trading tool allows the trader to adjust their risk-reward balance; essentially they can adjust the expiry time and price target of the trade. What this does, for example, is that it can offer better long term returns by allowing the trader to get a portion of their money back even when wrong, at the cost of a reduced payout when right. This is a very useful tradeoff balance which does help increase one's overall profitability in the long run. The platform offers over 100 assets to trade from, and also offers the trading tool Pairs where one can trade the relative performance between two stocks. The trading platform is available for smart phones and supports several languages including, English, Arabic, Turkish, and Chinese.


Safety of Clients' Funds & Regulation

Option Rally is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission. All clients' funds are kept in separated bank accounts and are 100% safe, even in the unlikely event of company insolvency. As a result of the strong regulatory measures the company follows, all transactions are secure and protected. Both the company and the clients stay protected from any kind of cyber crime or money laundering activity.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals can be made using all major credit cards, bank wire transfers, and it also accepts electronic methods of payment such as CashU and WebMoney.


The best thing about OptionRally is their free market analysis insightful reviews and the fact that they offer no commissions based dealing. The company only profits from the payout differentials. This is a great incentive to traders seeking to trade in huge volumes, and who also seek underlying market direction.

Our Verdict

OptionRally.com has been rated good overall by real traders. It is characterized by a no-commission structure and an extremely reliable platform. This enables seasoned traders to make 70% profit on short term trades with a very high probability of success, which is not easy to achieve on many other brokers' platforms. Most traders attracted to OptionRally are pleased to find a comprehensive and insightful range of daily market reviews, and of course the opportunity to make informed trading decisions on them. All these trades can be implemented multiple times, since there's no commission structure. Remember the margins are as good as anyplace else, but the actual 70% profitability is quite realistically achievable here.

On the downside, the company doesn't accept US clients. It is unfortunate that US clients are not allowed to use another great binary options broker. Many US citizens are eager to join such reputable and efficient brokers, but are not allowed to.

For those of us who are allowed to benefit from OptionRally, it is certainly a broker worth considering. The reasons are simple; it offers very low dealing costs, high probability of a 70% payout on short term trades, free informative market reports and accurate, reliable market data. The data are provided by the NASDAQ exchange, for US listed stocks, and Thomson Reuters for the other assets. Accuracy is so important in market data evaluation that it is more important than any kind of payout or welcome bonus. OptionRally is among the very few binary option brokers that can facilitate responsible and professional day trading techniques on stocks, commodities, and currencies.

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    Headquarters: Cyprus

    Year founded: 2011

    Regulated: by CySEC

    Accepts US traders: NO

    Platform: SpotOption

    Minimum Deposit: $200

    Minimum Trade: $25

    Maximum Trade: $5.000

    Deposit Bonus: up to 30%