OptionFair Review


OptionFair was launched in 2010, and is now a fully licensed and regulated binary option broker. OptionFair has an excellent reputation which makes it among the top 10 binary option brokers in many reviews. Minimum deposit is $200, minimum trade is $25, and it offers up to 30% first time deposit bonus. It also offers 10% to 15% refund on losing trades, and an easy to use trading platform which has different types of short term expiry binary options. The payout is 85% on short term options and up to 350% on boundary and one touch type options, which is quite good. Overall they seem to offer something extra to many different types of traders, and an overall higher trading efficiency because of their proprietary software.

Trading Platform

Their trading platform uses software specifically designed to offer competitive returns and payouts to the client. It offers various assets to trade from, currencies, commodities etc, but currently it has less than 100 assets, despite that, the asset list keeps growing and there are not dissatisfied clients. Because even with fewer than expected assets, the quality of service is above average in the industry. The platform is available in more than 8 languages, on desktop mobile phone version, and appeals to a wide range of clients whether trading on the move or in the office. Their efficient software and easy to use professional candlestick market charts are the most useful features, after all you cannot make a well calculated trade on the move, if the charts you are looking at, are not helping you determine and assess the price action.

Safety of Clients' Funds & Regulation

OptionFair is licensed and regulated within the EU, and by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC). Clients' funds are kept in segregated accounts, which fully protects clients in the unlikely event of company bankruptcy.  With this type of regulation you can be sure your money is always safe, and you can always know you will receive your winnings no matter how big they are.

OptionFair is licensed by CySEC

That's because a regulated binary option broker wants you to win, they want you to stay with them in the long run, and their software always hedges and over-covers your trades. OptionFair is among the top companies on the list as far as covering profitable trades is concerned.

Deposits & Withdrawals

OptionFair accepts many different payment methods for making a deposit, such as credit cards, Ucash, Neteller and many more, and always bank wire transfers too. Transaction security is very safe and speedy. You will have difficulty finding unsatisfied clients about their service!


OptionFair offers special promotions from time to time, which include 5 risk free trades for new clients; this means you can make your first 5 trades with real money, and they will refund you any losses 100% for these 5 trades, which makes it a nice experience for first time traders. Overall it seems to be a very good choice for beginners. Trades can be closed early, offering the flexibility to limit losses on trades you believe will end up out of the money. Trades can also be rolled over to the next expiry period, again giving you the opportunity to limit losses, or even turn a would-be losing trade into a winner! That is an enormous edge to the knowledgeable trader. They also offer trading signals which is very useful to new traders.

Our Verdict

OptionFair is an extremely competitive and innovative binary option broker. They spent a lot of money and time developing their software prior to launching it, and this has paid off, since it offers really competitive odds to the traders. It offers wide range of binary options, from short term options with 85% payout, to longer term, up to a month out, with up to 350% payout! Enormous flexibility in setting up your trade, refunds of up to 15% on losing trades and always competitive odds. Adding to this flexibility and overall odds of winning, are the roll over and early close features, these 2 alone if used wisely can make a huge difference in your overall profitability!

On the downside they have a rather limited range of assets, and don't accept US clients, if however you are allowed to trade with them, and can find assets of interest, even just one asset that you trade often, then it's worth joining them, because the combined efficiency of their features is really worth it. They offer so much, to so many, including trading signals to beginner traders, professional charts to people on the move trading from smart phones, and 5 risk free trades to beginners. Overall, it really is a very nice choice for many traders, beginners and professionals alike.

Binary option brokers operate on the open market principle. A binary option broker has to reach out to the market to fill your order and make your trade happen; this requires a huge amount of resources and complicated software algorithms that are not possible to design overnight. OptionFair has spent a lot of money and time developing just that, the software that will match the best possible available opposite trade, to your trade, this is not on a one to one person basis, one trader being matched to another from 2 different points on earth, but a rather much more complicated process.

Trade with OptionFair


    Website: www.optionfair.com

    Headquarters: Cyprus

    Year Founded: 2010

    Regulated: by CySEC

    Accepts US traders: NO

    Platform: TechFinancials

    Minimum Deposit: $250

    Minimum Trade: $25

    Maximum Trade: $5.000

    Deposit Bonus: up to 100%