EZTrader Review


EZTrader was launched in 2008. It is one of the first binary option brokers out there, very reliable and it has only improved through the years. Minimum trade size is $25 and minimum deposit is $200. They have a deposit bonus policy which can offer up to 100% bonus, and also offer demo account upon request. EZTrader is a very professional broker, it has its own proprietary trading platform, and it has become a "heavy-duty" type of broker, meaning that it offers high liquidity to traders seeking to trade large size without encountering delays, problems, or bad filling prices during fast moving market activity. The average payout is around 80%, and the maximum is 91%. EZTrader is fully regulated within the EU and regulated by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC).

Trading Platform

Their trading platform is easy to use, simple and it uses reliable software. It offers more than 100 assets to trade from, and overall does have an excellent reputation for trading 1 hour trades or shorter, under extreme market conditions. The lockout period has been reduced to just 5 minutes; this means you can close early a trade, just 5 minutes after you opened it. They also offer a SELL option which has similar flexibility, and also averts lockout while approaching expiration time, that is also extremely useful. The platform is offered in more than 6 languages, and support is also available in almost as many languages.


Safety of Clients' Funds & Regulation

EZTrader has always been and still is strictly regulated by EU legislation imposed by the CySEC. It operates under the same strict principles that all reliable and reputable binary brokers operate. This legislation applies to both the company and the clients; among many things for example it ensures the integrity and reliability of the company, while it also imposes measures against money laundering and online criminal activities. Clients' funds are separated from the broker's own operating funds and they are kept safe in separate accounts.

Deposits & Withdrawals

EZTrader accepts a wide variety of electronic payment methods such as credit cards, Skirll, Neteller, JCB, and of course bank wire transfers. Deposits can be made in a variety of currencies such as US dollar, Euro, pound, Chinese Yuan, Russian ruble, Brazilian real, and Swedish krona. Up to 100% deposit bonus is available upon request.


Their most competitive edge is their SELL Option which allows you to close a trade really early, that can offer a real advantage in some situations employing more than one brokers and situations where you can recover a portion of your losing trade even under the most adverse conditions. They also offer trading platforms for iPhone and Android smart phones for people on the move. They do offer 10% refund on losing trades that may seem attractive to new traders, but their reduced lockout period and SELL option is really attractive to professional day traders seeking to trade from few minutes to an hour. Last but not neast, EZTrader provides free trading signals, delivered daily by SMS. The signals are provided by a third party company. Get more info here

Our Verdict

EZTrader has a very good reputation and history and it has established itself as a reliable trustworthy binary option broker. Their reliability, payout and high liquidity on day trading is extremely good, this is something new traders often overlook or don't mind since they set out to trade small size. But as they progress their trading into higher sizes they will see the difference between a broker that offers high liquidity, and one that doesn't. Lack of liquidity is hard to spot. You cannot spot it on small trades, but on large trades you can, and you will see that trades carried out through a liquid broker such as EZTrader will be more profitable than elsewhere. Small brokers, because of lack of liquidity, at volatile times will offer you the same payout at a more costly premium, or same premium with less payout, or same premium with some other type of subtle volatility premium attached, this can be restrictions on time, not being able to sell the trade near expiration, or not being able to liquidate at all for entire seconds. EZTrader on the other hand offers more than good liquidity, and can accommodate large trading size at any volatile market conditions, and on top of that it offers reduced lockout period on binaries and early closure near expiry times on SELL options. This speaks volumes about how well networked they are in the markets!

On the downside, they offer rather limited time frames, they have many assets but limited time frames, trades can be up to 1 hour, and this may not be suitable for trading larger trends, overnight moves etc.

Overall EZTrader is very good for the day trader, and can offer a very smooth trading experience; one can also combine EZTrader's 1 hour trades with the longer term trades offered by other binary brokers and implement the riskier of their trades at EZTrader. With reduced lockout times and SELL options, one can trade during market hours using these short term instruments, and avert many unnecessary losses which can’t be averted with another broker.

Trade with EZTrader


    Website: www.eztrader.com

    Headquarters: Cyprus

    Year Founded: 2008

    Regulated: by CySEC

    Accepts US traders: NO

    Platform: Proprietary

    Minimum Deposit: $200

    Minimum Trade: $25

    Maximum Trade: $5.000

    Deposit Bonus: up to 100%