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BinaryBrokerz was established in 2014 in London, England. It's a new and interesting binary options broker which offers strong and highly specialized support and guidance to traders of all levels. Minimum deposit requirement is $250, and minimum trade size is $25. It offers a wide range of assets, that is more than 150 assets in various markets and includes bitcoin currency. Accounts can be opened at various different levels, starting from Basic account which offers the minimum but still good features and comes with a 35% deposit bonus. Higher up are offered the Silver, Gold and Platinum account types, these require $1,000, $2,500 and $10,000 to open and come with 45%, 65% and 85% deposit bonus respectively. These higher level accounts come with the added advantage of having a dedicated personal broker, which is highly helpful to the client, as well as risk free trades which in the case of Gold and Platinum can be as high as 10% of the deposit size. All account levels offer access to daily market insights and educational tools as well, except that Platinum level also offers a dedicated phone service where the broker calls the client directly on days where significant news or economic numbers are expected to be released. There's also VIP level accounts for clients willing to deposit $25,000 or more, most account benefits are negotiable in this case, which easily can include up to a 150% deposit bonus. There's also the choice of Islamic account for clients abiding Islamic finance principles. All in all the service is highly competitive and professional and there are several innovative features that really prove this.


Trading Platform

The trading platform is powered by Tradesmarter's trading technology and it offers innovative tools such as social trading tools, One Touch and Pairs trading, the Strategix trading mode and risk/reward pre-trade tools which also take rebate figure into account. Payouts range from 40% to 75% on most trades, and to over 300% for One Touch Option trades. With over 150 assets, mobile trading, enriched graphics charts and even social charts the trader gets to see what is happening in each specific market and what other traders are thinking about trading. All these features help traders avoid being isolated and to feel more confident in making trading decisions. Rebate on losing trades is normally up to 35%, but this can also be traded off against potential profit, so both of these parameters can be changed and rebate figures can be higher than 35% at lower profit objectives and vice versa.


Safety of Clients' Funds and Regulation is not currently regulated, even though it will probably have to finalize its strategic planning and settle into being some specific broker type. In the meantime the company is still being planned and in order to be able to make changes while its plans settle towards following one specific broker type, it will remain unregulated. At the moment, this broker delivers where other brokers have not, and it targets clients outside the US, hence it doesn't accept US traders. Freedom of strategic planning is essential at this time, as this broker wants to make final adjustments and offer the most competitive service. Clients' funds are safe from a reputation and company balance sheet perspective, and so are clients' open trades as well. The only thing that might change for the worse when this broker is finally regulated, is that it may limit the level of trading advice it offers to VIP clients, other than that no other noticeable changes are expected, this broker is already complying with the basic framework required for regulation by the FSC in the UK.

Deposits and Withdrawals accepts all major credit and debit cards, bank wire transfers, Moneybookers, CashU and Neteller. All transactions are fast and reliable; the bank wire transfer method incurs a $25 charge when making withdrawals.


Binary Brokerz has a highly enriched trading platform, one which is really helpful to traders of all levels and allows traders to make better, educated decisions through social trading and risk management tools. The dedicated personal broker service is also particularly rare to find elsewhere, and it helps traders avoid traps and mistakes during tricky days in the financial markets

Our Verdict

All in all BinaryBrokerz has gotten much more serious in recent months, as more and more traders left the spot forex market (following the flash crash day in EURCHF in early 2015, which paralysed many spot forex market brokers and even prevented traders from closing profitable trades). This new wave of traders migrating to binary option trading is mainly made up of ultra demanding traders, of all account sizes. These traders want the best of the best, top support and excellent trade risk handling, this is why has made the effort and has gone to such extreme lengths to deliver the best, where other brokers have not yet done so.

The education sector offered by Binary Brokerz is also extensive and in-depth, it has 150 educational videos in 25 languages, and they all address serious issues about binary Options trading. All account holders also get a free ebook, and gain access into market insights and reports which are definitely useful.

All in all, all binary option brokers offer more, and higher quality trading advice to their select clients, this is something that due to regulation spot market brokers cannot offer to their clients. But regardless of the regulation within the binary options industry itself, all brokers that are competitive have managed to offer impressive guidance and support, mostly through dedicated account managers, or in the case of BinaryBrokerz where these specialists are called dedicated personal brokers. has had tremendous success so far in attracting serious traders of all sizes, and the good features it offers (and those it plans to yet offer), will be reach clients for the most part. Even if future regulation demands tighter limits in the future, only VIP clients will be slightly affected but they will still have access to the same personal advisors and their profitable tips. So those clients will stay with this broker for a very long time, since they are gaining a rather unique edge over the markets.

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    Headquarters: UK

    Year founded: 2014

    Regulated: NO

    Accepts US traders: NO

    Platform: Tradesmarter

    Minimum Deposit: $250

    Minimum Trade: $25

    Maximum Trade: $25.000!!

    Deposit Bonus: up to 150%