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Anyoption was launched in 2008; it was one of the first binary option brokers and still remains quite innovative in many ways. Anyoption is ideal for beginner traders, as they offer a reliable, simple yet innovative range of binary option instruments without enticing the new customer with all kinds of extreme nonsensical offers. They do offer a deposit bonus (on a case by case basis), but beyond all deposit bonuses and refunds on losing trades, while we still like those, we are honestly most impressed by their reliability and integrity.

Anyoption was one of the first Binary Option Brokers

Anyoption is seriously honest about quality and integrity, they don't use hype marketing techniques about ridiculous offers nor misleading descriptions on their products. Instead they offer some truly unique and innovative binary options and some revolutionary trading tools and markets of particular interest that can really enhance one's trading methods.

Trading Platform

Their trading platform is easy to use, simple and straightforward. The data on pricing and expiry rates is provided by Thomson Reuters who are known to be extremely reliable in the financial world! This makes them a good choice for beginner traders seeking to try out binary options trading. The trading platform is available in several popular languages, while customer support is available in all languages!

Anyoption offers refunds of up to 25% on losing trades which is a plus for new traders who are bound to experience losing trades in the beginning. This refund policy does help new traders' funds go further and themselves becoming better at managing their trades.

Safety of Clients' Funds and Regulation

Anyoption is regulated within the EU by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and has been highly rated over the years by new traders and seasoned professionals alike. They operate a funds segregation policy which fully separates clients funds from the company's funds. Clients are assured of no risk under any circumstances, even in the unlikely event that Anyoption declares bankruptcy as a company, client won't lose their money. Anyoption has clients from over 150 countries, however due to US regulation they are not allowed to accept US clients.

Anyoption is licensed by CySEC

Deposits and Withdrawals

Anyoption offers a wide range of payment and withdrawal methods. Overall their clients are satisfied by the speed of withdrawals processing and all online payments are processed using the latest security protocol. Popular payment methods are by credit card or bank wire transfer, whilst many other methods are available for making deposits. Minimum deposit is $100 to $200 depending on the country of residence.


Anyoption offers some special markets which might be unique to very few brokers if not exclusive to Anyoption, for example they have this so called BINARY 0-100 flexible type of binary option where the trader can change certain parameters and achieve phenomenal profitability up to 1000%! Even though this may seem like a long shot, it's not necessarily so. Oftentimes some markets reach volatility breakouts, the knowledgeable trader can in these circumstances pick such a market, use the Binary 0-100 instrument of Anyoption, set some extreme price target within a short time period and the 1000% return on investment is actually possible! One such event occurs during FOMC meeting days few times a year, the market impacted by this is EUR/USD and no one can predict the direction, but the volatility of this market upon the FOMC's decision announcement is so huge that a knowledgeable trader can play this market on both sides using BINARY 0-100 and win, ending up with one of the options in the money, with a 1000% return (remember that 1000% return means you multiply your investment capital 11 times!)

Our Verdict

Realistically speaking Anyoption is a great broker; it has been rated well above average by independent traders since its launch in 2008. They don't offer high deposit bonuses or any kind of extreme bonuses and much like many other binary brokers they don't accept US clients. With that being said their overall performance has been impressive, their trading platform is very user friendly and withdrawals are quick and reliable. They offer very interesting special markets, such as the Binary 0-100 where one can stand a realistic chance to win big money, as well as other "exotic" options like Bitcoin.

Anyoption is amongst the regulated brokers, offering traders an extra layer of safety. They really offer excellent service and quality which if handled the right way can allow you to implement very profitable strategies, just ask the winning traders out there. Whilst the only negative comments you will hear about Anyoption are by people who don't know how to get their trades right and then find it convenient to blame their failures on their broker (a common practice by some traders) but we certainly don't buy into their arguments!

On the downside they don't offer demo accounts and with the minimum option at $25 it may seem like a steep first step to beginners, but on the positive side their user friendly trading platform and their special markets, such as the ability to profit even at weekends when markets are closed or their Binary 0-100 instrument which can offer phenomenal maximum return of 1000% or higher in exceptional cases, with the ability to close these Binary 0-100 trades at any moment, as early as you want, before expiry, makes it perfect for beginners to manage risk. Because even though you initially risk $25 on a trade, you can still get out at small loss or 50% loss even when you are completely wrong about the market! This is far more important than any other feature because many trading strategies involve some 'test time' to evaluate your open trade by which you can actually decide to close pending losers early, at partial loss, while leaving pending winners open to achieve partial or complete profitability and during this early stage of the trade every early second can count towards making that decision.

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    Headquarters: Cyprus

    Year founded: 2008

    Regulated: by CySEC

    Accepts US traders: NO

    Platform: Proprietary

    Minimum Deposit: $100

    Minimum Trade: $25

    Maximum Trade: $2.000

    Deposit Bonus: on a case by case basis