365Trading Review


365Trading was established in 2012 in Spain, and it is an easy to access and use, highly innovative binary options broker. Minimum deposit requirement is just $100, and minimum trade size is only $5. Accounts can also be opened in Euros or British Pounds. This broker offers a fully functional, no deposit demo account; so that new traders can test their trading skills on live market data. The trading platform ensures that the new trader has plenty of convenience and guidance, backed by good market charts. When it was first launched it only offered 50 assets and short term expiry times, limited to 24 hours. Today 365Trading.com offers over 100 assets, and expiry times such as end of week, end of month and even end of the year, which makes it amazingly more interesting. Payouts range from 60% to 80% on short term expiry instruments, and can be several hundred percent on longer term trades, such as end of month ones. Customer service is provided in several languages such as English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, and the overall trading experience is very satisfying, especially for beginners seeking to test binary Options trading. Hardly anyone else offers no deposit demo accounts, low deposit real accounts ($100), and on top of that 365Trading also offers strong educational support and 100% deposit bonus. Overall structure is very reliable, market data are provided by Thomson Reuters, and there are no commissions from trading, the broker simply profits on the payout differentials which means there are no conflicts of interests. If a client can win big or consistently, they will do so through the open market, and 365Trading has no problem paying out.


Trading Platform

The trading platform is proprietary, specifically and exclusively designed for 365Trading.com. It offers ease of use, guidance, and very good graphics for depicting charts. Charts can be displayed in line or candlestick format, but what is truly unique about the platform is the ability to have multiple market charts displayed at the same time, so that the trader can perform live inter-market analysis. This multi chart feature is quite unique in binary options trading, no one else had thought about it and it is truly useful. The trading platform supports several more languages besides English, and it is accessible via smart phones and tablet devices, so that serious traders can still access the markets while on the move. Having this trading platform on the move, whilst travelling on a train allows traders to use their travelling time in a creative way, and put that time to good use, since they can compare different market charts, with good focus, and come up with new trading ideas, or even trade there and then. This makes 365Trading.com an ideal choice for working people who spend a considerable amount of time on travelling, and who are serious about trading.


Safety of Clients' Funds and Regulation

365 Trading is not currently regulated, but it has already applied for a CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) licence. This broker is likely to be regulated within the EU in the future, since it targets European clients, it doesn't accept US clients and it doesn't have plans to expand to the US market. The Official CySEC license will likely embed the company in the competitive European market, where all top brokers have CySEC or equivalent license.

Deposits and Withdrawals

365Trading.com accepts major credit and debits cards, bank wire transfers, Paypal, Neteller, Sofort and more. All deposit and withdrawal transactions are carried out in secure encryption and are reliable, withdrawals can be fast, and done within 24 hours.


365 Trading offers a unique no deposit demo account, low deposit real account with 100% bonus, and an impressive trading platform. On top of that the company also offers a whole series of highly selective educational material in the form of videos, tutorials and ebooks. This content focuses on trading psychology, trading mistakes to avoid and how to implement selective trading rather than full time, intense trading which usually leads to poor or no profitability. The reason why they also offer multi chart facility on their platform is just that, to help traders look at multiple markets, identify relations among different markets and make fewer but better trades, and possibly larger trades, rather than the other way around. 365Trading.com also brings market news and important relevant news to its clients, these are harder to decipher than charts, but they can be used in many ways. A news story for example is always certain to cause volatility in the relevant markets, but no one can predict underlying direction, the binary Options trader can still profit from this ensuing volatility regardless of final market direction so these news stories are important.

Our Verdict

Overall 365Trading seems to be very good, and has been highly rated by real traders who are seeking the best of the best in the binary Options industry. This broker offers significant incentives and support to beginner traders, with extensive educational support, basic trading and investing tips and key fundamental and technical analysis tips and commentary for markets such as main currencies and commodities. The impressive facts about 365Trading.com are that it is very affordable, the demo account can be opened without any deposit, and real accounts only require $100. On top of that the trading platform is unique and specifically designed for implementing complex inter-market analysis and more sophisticated trades that simple Call and Put. All this can allow a trader to go from having no experience, to slowly becoming proficient in a market.

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    Website: www.365trading.com

    Headquarters: Spain

    Year founded: 2012

    Regulated: by CySEC application

    Accepts US traders: NO

    Platform: Pip Invest

    Minimum Deposit: $100

    Minimum Trade: $5

    Maximum Trade: $10.000

    Deposit Bonus: up to 100%