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24option was founded in 2010. It is yet another competitive binary options broker founded by the same people who founded Optionfair. 24option is characterized by competitive payouts, typically 70% to 91% on short-term trades, and up to 500% on one-touch binary options. Some binary options can have expiry dates up to a month away, and this is often where these 500% returns can be achieved. Minimum trade size is $24 and maximum trade size is $50.000! (the highest in the market). It offers a 15% refund on losing trades and a nice trading platform that actually allows you to preview different scenarios on your trade, and you can know beforehand what the return will be for any given market price. We find this preview feature particularly innovative and useful! And then there's a nice variety of currencies, stocks, and even commodities that one can trade.

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Trading Platform

Their trading platform supports 16 languages, which is part of the effort of the company to expand its operations beyond the existing English-speaking client base. The platform is easy for beginners to use, and the trade preview feature makes Risk-Reward assessment an easy visual task. This feature alone is worth joining 24option for! That's because many new traders often lose in the markets because they fail to preview possible outcomes of the trade due to underestimating market volatility. They also offer early closure of trades and a roll-over option, which can substantially enhance profitability in the long run.

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Safety of Clients' Funds and Regulation

24option is regulated by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC) and operates under strict EU guidelines regarding safety of clients' funds. There are rules and regulations imposed by the CySEC and the EU for protecting clients' funds and keeping those funds separated from the company's own funds, but also for prohibiting the use of trading for the purpose of money laundering. This is why they have certain rules in place regarding withdrawals, and those must be made back to the original source of deposit before larger amounts can be withdrawn. These rules and regulations are now implemented by all serious and reliable binary brokers because they take their business extremely seriously, and these regulations must be followed.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Minimum deposit is $250 and clients can be eligible for up to 100% deposit bonus. They accept a wide range of credit cards and other payment methods, including MoneyBookers, and of course, bank wire transfer for both deposits and withdrawals, but there is a minimum balance requirement of $1000 for this payment method.


The greatest features of 24option are their trade profit/loss preview tools and their flexibility to close early profitable trades and roll over losing ones. These features can dramatically enhance one's trading. In addition to short-term trading, one can use their one-touch options and set long expiry dates as far as a month out! Setting the trade one month out and at an extreme but realistic target market price can yield a 500% return while the trader can implement hedging trading strategies of a shorter-term nature in that time frame (trading in the opposite direction) and achieve much better overall Risk-Reward ratio over one month. This is why these features of 24Option are so important.

Our Verdict

24option is a great and 'heavy-duty' kind of binary options broker. It can handle large size trades without liquidity issues, which is a must for day traders, but also offer longer term trades with up to one month expiry dates. This in our opinion is far more important than the deposit bonus or the 15% refund policy because enhanced liquidity means significantly better odds of winning and bigger profits, and the extra features of trade preview, early closure, and roll-over options further enhance profitability. In fact, the above factors can make such a big difference to a trader's bottom line so as to end up profiting 60% more over the course of one year than if they were trading elsewhere where these features would not have been available!

On the downside they don't accept US clients, minimum trade size is $24, and minimum balance transfer via bank wire is $1000. But bear in mind it's a 'heavy-duty' big options broker. Deep down everything favors the serious profitable trader who is willing to risk serious money in a calculated risk environment and end up winning and withdrawing $1000s in profits! This type of brokers really want you to win and stay trading with them. Their bottom line over a single trade is the same, whether you win or lose! But in the long run they really want clients to win, just like serious STP and ECN type spot Forex brokers do.

Traders who dig a little deeper into binary options will be amazed to find that the market offers some amazing profitable opportunities when you combine the features of teo different binary option brokers together. This can be an arbitrage (risk-less, or asymmetrical risk-reward ratio) complex trade that can offer you an amazing, almost unfair advantage over the market. The features that 24option offers, such as the roll-over (extending expiry times) or the long term one-touch options with up to 500% return, under the right trade preview and risk calculation can be combined with features of other binary option brokers, on the same underlying asset or on two tightly correlated different assets resulting in an overall extremely favorable trade. The difficult parameter to assess is market volatility, and this is where 24option's trade preview facility comes in handy, because it allows you to see at a glance whether you will be proven right or wrong.

Visit 24option Official Website


Visit Official Website

    Headquarters: Cyprus

    Year Founded: 2010

    Regulated: by CySEC

    Accepts US traders: NO

    Platform: TechFinancial

    Minimum Deposit: $250

    Minimum Trade: $24

    Maximum Trade: $50.000!!!

    Deposit Bonus: up to 100%