Binary Options Brokers Review

Anyoption Review

Anyoption was launched in 2008; it was one of the first binary option brokers and still remains quite innovative in many ways. Anyoption is ideal for beginner traders, as they offer a reliable, simple yet innovative range of binary option instruments without enticing the new customer with all kinds of extreme nonsensical offers. They do offer a deposit bonus (on a case by case basis), but beyond all deposit bonuses and refunds on losing trades, while we still like those, we are honestly most impressed by their reliability and integrity. Read Full Review

24option Review

24option was founded in 2010, it is yet another competitive binary options broker founded by the same people who founded Optionfair. 24option is characterized by competitive payouts, typically 70% to 91% on short term trades, and up to 500% on one touch type binary options. Some binary options can have up to a month-long expiry dates and this is often where these 500% returns can be achieved. Minimum trade size is $24, it offers 15% refund on losing trades and a nice trading platform that actually allows to preview different scenarios on your trade, and you can know beforehand what the return will be for any given market price. We find this preview feature particularly innovative and useful! And then there's a nice variety of currencies, stocks and even commodities that one can trade. Read Full Review

EZTrader Review

EZTrader was launched in 2008 and since 2011 owned by Win Global Markets Inc. It is one of the first binary option brokers out there, very reliable and it has only improved through the years. Minimum trade size is $25 and minimum deposit is $200. They have a deposit bonus policy which can offer up to 100% bonus, and also offer demo account upon request. EZTrader is a very professional broker, it has its own proprietary trading platform, and it has become a 'heavy duty' type of broker, meaning that it offers high liquidity to traders seeking to trade large size without encountering delays, problems, or bad filling prices during fast moving market activity. The average payout is around 80%, and the maximum is 91%. EZTrader is fully regulated within the EU and regulated by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC). Read Full Review

Opteck Review

Opteck was founded in 2011, in London England, and operates under UK law. Minimum deposit is $200, minimum trade size is $25 and deposit bonus goes up to 150%. It offers payouts of 65% to 400%, refunds of 5% to 15% on losing trades. They also offer demo accounts, trading signals and a lot of educational resources. Both their trading signals and educational resources are of premium seminar quality and worth considering. It's a competitive broker, innovative, but nothing stands out more about them than their trading signals, market analysis and live webinars. You really get to gain access to premium techniques and seminar content worth $1000s simply by becoming their client. Read Full Review

Optionbit Review

Optionbit is another great binary options broker, since 2010 they have been registered in Cyprus and operate under regulation by the CySEC. Optionbit has become already popular in the UK and France as one reliable and competitive broker. In a nutshell, Optionbit is focused more on shorter term trades and is tailored to the needs of the high frequency trader and the typical day trader. Minimum trade size is just $10 and minimum deposit is $200. They offer a very honest deposit bonus up to 100% and they have some unique features that are ideal for day trading. Read Full Review

Optionfair Review

Optionfair was launched in 2010, and is now a fully licensed and regulated binary option broker and it does have an excellent reputation which makes it among the top 10 binary option brokers in many reviews. Minimum deposit is $200, minimum trade is $25, and it offers up to 30% first time deposit bonus. It also offers 10% to 15% refund on losing trades, and an easy to use trading platform which has different types of short term expiry binary options. The payout is 85% on short term options and up to 350% on boundary and one touch type options, which is quite good. Overall they seem to offer something extra to many different types of traders, and an overall higher trading efficiency because of their proprietary software. Read Full review

Optionweb Review

Optionweb was established in 2012 and it is fully licensed and regulated by the CySEC in Cyprus. Minimum deposit is $200 and minimum trade size just $5! It offers a small deposit bonus of 20% but also 10% refund on losing trades. Payout is 85% on short term trades, and easily 500% on long term trades such one touch type options, which can be dated as far out as one year! This is quite useful to swing traders and longer term investors seeking to use binary options as a way to hedge their trades. Optionweb is characterized by extremely low cost trading, which makes it ideal for high frequency trading strategies where commission costs may be an issue. Read Full Review

Stockpair Review

Stockpair was launched in 2010; it is regulated and it has brought a significant wave of innovation into the binary options market. Some impressive features of Stockpair are their flexible expiry times (they can stretch from 60 seconds to 150 days!) as well as their floating option pricing structure which can yield up to 350% return on investment. The minimum trade amount is just $12 and they offer demo accounts to real account holders, which might be useful to new traders seeking to trade the markets for the very first time or to test new trading ideas in the demo account first. Read Full Review

uBinary Review

uBinary was launched in 2011 by some very experienced trading veterans in the UK. The company first offered basic day trading options at a no commission structure which is still very competitive. Today however uBinary has expanded its range of binary products and now offers more assets and more types of options, including one touch and custom type options. Minimum deposit is $250, minimum trade size is $20, payout on short term expiry options is 85% to 90%, and higher on touch type options. uBinary offers a 10% refund on out-of-the-money options and a generous deposit bonus starting at 30%. Overall, uBinary has caught up fast with longer established brokers, and has even matched or exceeded their service and products; remember that it was founded by trading professionals having many decades of experience in the field, and having worked for its competitors, so they know how to make things better in their own company now. Read Full Review